Journey Genetic Testing GxNutrient


Journey Genetic Testing’s GxNutrient Analysis Includes:

  • DNA collection kit shipped to your preferred address
  • Laboratory analysis of your DNA sample – 48 genetic markers
  • GxNutrient report, including:
    • Analysis of 42 genetic markers related to nutrition
    • Analysis of 15 micronutrient tendencies
    • Potential deficiencies
    • Nutrient recommendations, including supplement suggestions
    • Supporting scientific research
    • Online health content (videos, articles, recipes, etc.) targeted to you based on your genetic profile
  • Printable version of GxNutrient report


Journey Genetic Testing GxNutrient – $299.00 Limited introductory price – $249.00

GxNutrient is a scientifically-based report providing you with insights about your body that, up until now, have never been available. The science of the human body only recently evolved enough to allow scientists to identify and analyze a person’s DNA. We not only provide you with a roadmap of your specific genes, but give direction on how you can potentially optimize your health and wellbeing with this knowledge. The strategies and recommendations we provide are tailored to your specific genotype. These recommendations are based on your DNA. It isn’t a one size fits all approach or generic report. GxNutrient empowers you with the best genetic testing knowledge possible, and we have established stringent criteria for studies that we use to help us evaluate the potential impact of your genotype for each gene tested. We select the largest and most scientifically valid genome-wide association studies to calculate a score for the different genes or gene combinations for all genes tested. Your results indicate which gene combinations you have in each category, and you receive a rating for each trait in a category.  The studies we used as the basis for our recommendations are available for reference in this report.

What is included: A 42 marker genetic DNA test related to nutrition and, USPS Priority shipping of a Journey Genetic Testing GxNutrient collection kit, detailed collection instructions, a prepaid return mailer for your DNA samples (USA addresses only), lab processing fees, and a detailed report from our CLIA accredited testing laboratory.

Who is included: One person whose DNA is submitted for testing. 

How we send the DNA collection kit: USPS Priority mail. You will by emailed a tracking number from the USPS when the kit ships.

When your results will be ready:  Results are usually available and delivered electronically in 15 business day after the lab receives the DNA samples.

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