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Using STR profiling for the most accurate results

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most accurate ancestry dna testOur Ancestral Origins DNA Test was designed to address a unique question common to us all – ” Where would my DNA profile most likely be found in the world today?”

In our testing we utilize Short Tandem Repeat testing (STR). STR analysis is one of the most useful methods in molecular biology which is used to compare specific loci on DNA from two or more samples. A short tandem repeat is a micro-satellite, consisting of a unit of two to thirteen nucleotides repeated hundreds of times in a row on the DNA strand.

Your STR  profile is a permanent means of individual identification. Unlike a name that may be shared, an identification card number that can be stolen, or photographs that change over time, your personal DNA identity remains constant from the moment of conception to the end of life. Your profile demonstrates your genetic similarity to family members as well as the genetic uniqueness that distinguishes you from the rest of the world. Should you or your family need help from a law enforcement agency – such as in search for a missing person due to abduction, accident, or a natural disaster – your profile is fully compatible with the internationally recognized DNA identity standards, unlike testing from other companies offering ancestry testing.

The Ancestral Origins line of DNA tests will help you discover your ancestral roots. Our DNA genealogy test:

  • Compares each DNA profile against the collective genetic information of global populations and anthropological regions worldwide
  • Includes a 2-page genetic-origins report with your unique genetic profile and top regional and local population matches, an 8 page report on historical migration patterns which assist in learning your genealogical ancestral journey, as well as a full-color map of your specific population matches (17”x26”), suitable for framing
  • Shows genetic relationship to global population groups by percentage
  • Includes a regional definition report showing the population databases your genetics most closely match in each region, as well as a 1 page report of your unique genetic profile.
  • Allows the use your STR profile to perform direct relationship tests with other individuals (paternity/maternity, full or half sibling, grandparent, and aunt or uncle testing) through our AABB accredited testing laboratory.