Understanding Your Avuncular DNA Test Results

Example of an Avuncular DNA Test Report

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The example of the avuncular DNA test results show that the relationship is confirmed. The report shown is how a legal test report is delivered. A private test report will have the same information of those being tested, and the same result percentages, however it will not show it was collected with a chain of custody or be notarized.

In Avuncular DNA testing the results are based on a probability, or likelihood, that two or more individuals are related with the biological father of the nephew or niece being tested. According to AABB standards, a conclusive range is a 90.9% or greater (all the way to 99.99%) probability of the tested relationship. Each Avuncular test result we do varies in the percentages listed, as no two people being tested share the exact same DNA (except identical twins).

If the percentage derived from the laboratory had been 9.0% or lower (the lowest being 0%), the results would show that the relationship s not supported by the genetic evidence.This means that the likelihood that an aunt or uncle relationship exists between the two DNA samples is highly improbable.