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Genetics Based Healthy Aging Program

Journey Genetic Testing wants to help you on your journey to your best life. One of the ways we can do this is to decode your genetic material and to provide you specific recommendations to maximize your health, fitness and well-being. We specialize in delivering to our clients in depth insights into healthy aging that, up until now, have never been available.

Scientists have always inherently understood that everything from wrinkles to heart disease “runs in the family,” or is passed down from generation to generation through our DNA. But until now, figuring out exactly what traits we’ve inherited, and more importantly, what to do with that knowledge, has taken a lifetime of trial and error to sort through, and often remained a mystery.

No more. We can now identify and analyze dozens of traits embedded in your DNA that influence how your body works and how your diet, exercise and lifestyle habits and behaviors directly impact how you feel, function and look – right down to the cellular level. This report not only provides you with a roadmap of your specific genes, but also gives you a concrete action plan for optimizing your genetic potential with this knowledge. This report will help you understand yourself and take steps to make you feel, function and look better immediately, and long-term, for a healthier, longer life.

What is GXRenew?

GxRenew uses your unique genetic profile to help you develop better habits for healthier aging. You’ll get recommendations for your diet and lifestyle, with specific suggestions for nutrition and activity.

Genetic Testing and Healthy Aging

Many people are using their genetic profile to change their lives. The latest in DNA research provides seemingly endless custom opportunities to improve your health.

For aging specifically, many studies have shown that genetic predisposition plays a tremendous role in the way we age. Our GxRenew report uses that information to “work against the clock”, offering DNA-based solutions to your genetic tendencies.

What is Genetic Testing?

GxRenew is Journey Genetic Testing DNA based aging solution

Genetic testing utilizes a physical specimen from the body (saliva, blood, or other tissues) to reveal information about a person’s chromosomes or their genes. In addition to identifying key genes, information is evaluated about areas on each gene that may differ between people. These areas are known as single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs). We use the term genotype to describe the outcome of your individual genetic tests.

To produce your results, we looked at genes that are related to three major health categories: How You Feel, How You Function and How You Look.

Why Your Genotype Is Important For Healthy Aging

There’s a saying when it comes to genetics: Your genes load the rifle; but something else pulls the trigger. That is to say that how genes are expressed is affected by your lifestyle, as well as other environmental factors. Not all of those factors are within your control, of course, but many are. Knowledge is power.

To empower you with the best genetic testing knowledge possible, we have established stringent criteria for studies that we use to help us evaluate the potential impact of your genotype for each gene tested. We select the largest and most scientifically valid genome-wide association studies to calculate a score for the different genes or gene combinations for all genes tested. Your results indicate which gene combinations you have in each category, and you receive a rating for each trait in a category, to help you learn about healthy aging. The studies we used as the basis for our recommendations are available for reference in this report.

Your ratings reflect your potential level of response to diet, exercise, lifestyle and other behaviors with regard to how your body feels, functions and looks. This includes an array of traits ranging from how likely you are to crave sugar to your risk for mental acuity decline, based on your genetic analysis. Keep in mind that the presence of certain genotypes does not mean that any given outcome is certain. So while your analysis might show that you have an increased or decreased potential for a certain health trait, it does not mean that you will, in fact, express that trait. The analysis simply suggests that there is a greater chance that you will, but behavioral, environmental and other factors can also play a role in whether you will express that trait and exhibit that result. However, these results may provide important insights into how your body might perform optimally. Based on this information, we provide personalized suggestions that can help you achieve optimum results.

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What You’ll Learn About You

We will provide you a detailed explanation of how your unique DNA profile can affect some specific areas, and strategy for healthy aging success given your genetic code. The guidance given to you can help you adopt the diet, exercise and lifestyle behaviors that will have you feeling, functioning and looking your best.

Understanding How Your Genes Affect The Way You Look

  • Sun Sensitivity – Your skin’s response from UV ray exposure, which is different for everyone.
  • Skin Aging – The likelihood of developing age spots is determined by your DNA. Learn specifics that apply to your skin.
  • Skin Glycation – Learn about your susceptibility to skin glycation- deterioratio n of certain proteins in skin that causes visible signs of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles, sagginess and dullness or loss of radiance.
  • Facial Aging – Specific steps you can being now to minimize skin damage and maintain more youthful elasticity and and smoothness as your age, based on your DNA
  • Stretch Marks – Your genetic profile your likelihood of developing stretch marks. Learn if you are prone to developing visible scarring, even during times of relatively rapid weight changes.
  • Fat Loss Response To Cardio – Cardio may not help you lose fat at the rate you hope. Your DNA dictates that. Our report will give you this information.
  • Body Composition Response To Strength Training – Your genetic code shows you how likely to lose weight and lower your body fat when you engage in a regular strength training routine.
Learn how to look younger and age healthy with Journey Genetic Testing GxRenew

Understanding How Your Genes Affect The Way You Feel

Understanding How Your Genes Affect The Way You Feel. GxRenew Journey Genetic Testing.
  • Intrinsic Motivation To Exercise – Our analysis will indicate what your genetic profile exhibits characteristics regarding whether you are intrinsically motivated to exercise (if your genes get a feeling of pleasure once you get into an exercise routine).
  • Addictive Behavior And Stimulus Control – We explain if your DNA makes you more susceptible or resistive to addictive behaviors.
  • Impulse Control And Taste Preference With Aging – Understanding your genetic makeup can help you understand if you are subject to impulse control and increased risk for consuming high calorie foods as you age. Knowledge is power when it comes to your health.
  • Sleep Duration – You DNA determines if you are more likely to be genetically wired to get less sleep than is recommended, putting you at higher risk for certain conditions. If so, we give you information to try to “reset” these tendencies.
  • Sugar Intake – Being genetically inclined to seek out sugar makes you especially vulnerable to the many ill effects of excessive sugar consumption. Learn if you have “sugar triggers”.

Understanding How Your Genes Affect The Way You Function

How Your Genes Affect The Way You Function. GxRenew, DNALab4u.com

We will also provide detailed information, based on your personal genetics, for extremely important day-by-day functions, including your Mental Acuity, Age Related Hearing Loss, Longevity, Systemic Inflammation, Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid Tendency, Cholesterol Response To Dietary Fat, Insulin Response To Dietary Fat, Trig Response To Cardio, Lactose Intolerance, as well as your genetic Calcium, Copper, Magnesium, Selenium, and Zinc Tendencies.


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