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What is a Paternity Test?

Paternity testing scientifically proves if a man is a child's biological father. The child's DNA is compared with the DNA profile of the alleged father to make the determination of paternity. This is always the best option for determining a paternal relationship. A paternity test is an exclusionary DNA test, which means that the answer will always be a clear "yes" or "no" to the question of relationship. Relationship tests, which are designed to provide evidence of paternity, are based on statistical probabilities of the likelihood of paternity.

How accurate is a Paternity DNA test?

We guarantee we provide the most accurate DNA Paternity test available.

most accurate grandparent dna testPaternity DNA testing is based on the statistical probability that two or more people are related by bloodlines as the biological father and child. The industry standard for testing of this type compares 16 alleles to attempt to arrive at the conclusion if a father and child relationship exists. Some state agencies even test as little as 13 markers when they are seeking to establish paternity for child support.

The challenges and limitations with this approach is that when using so little genetic material, it may be difficult to arrive at a 100% accurate result because a father and child only share 50% of the same DNA. All humans share 99.9% of the same DNA, which means that only .10% can be used to determine the answer as to whether a man is the biological father of a particular child.

When only 13-16 markers are being considered, there is a possibility that a false positive could be a potential outcome. Journey Genetic Testing holds the position that there are just not enough markers tested in a standard test to feel confident about the results. This is why we use up to 50% more alleles than some other companies, or state agencies, to perform the DNA testing. 

24 markers tested means a more accurate result. It's a scientific fact.

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Paternity Test FAQ's

Our at home paternity DNA tests are 100% accurate, and may be performed with the alleged father and child. The mother's DNA sample is not needed, however if you wish to include it with the suspected father and child's DNA sample, there is not an additional charge.

Our labs run all DNA tests twice to confirm results, and the answers we provide are 100% accurate based on the DNA profiles of those being tested.

It takes 1 business day to complete testing and email results for standard DNA paternity testing, once the lab has received all testing parties samples. 

Your home paternity test results will be sent to the email address that was provided on order form. They are sent securely and are in a PDF format.  You will need a PDF reader to view them. We suggest Adobe reader which is secure and free to download. Your results can be opened and viewed, printed, or forwarded depending on your choice to share the information. Only the ordering party, or designated email(s) will receive a copy of the report.

We also provide a booklet that explains in more detail some of what you may see on your report. 

USPS Priority mail is our primary method of sending printed sibling test results, if requested at the time of the order. 

We maintain your privacy every step of the way. All results and information are deleted from our system 30 days after the results are delivered to you (we keep the reports for 30 days in case you have any questions). We never sell or give your information to anyone, including government and private/public databases. No one will ever know this test was done unless you provide them the information.

DNA testing is not covered by health insurance or Medicaid because it is not a “medically necessary procedure.” 

To test DNA for determination of paternity and other family relationships, buccal swab samples are used almost exclusively as the source of the DNA. On the buccal swabs are cheek cell samples that are collected by gently rubbing cotton swabs on the inside of the mouth.

A child receives half of his or her genetic material (DNA) from the biological mother, and half from the biological father. During DNA testing, the genetic characteristics of the child are compared to those of the father.

Swabs are as accurate as blood. Our swab tests are more than 99.9% accurate, which is the same in case of blood samples.

It is possible to have a DNA paternity test without the father's direct involvement. One way is to test the father's parents (grandparent test) or his first degree relatives (avuncular test). We can also test two or more siblings to determine if they share the same biological father (sibling test), or non-standard samples from the father.

When we say the probability of paternity is 99.99% for example, we mean that the tested man is 99.99% more likely to be the biological father than another man chosen at random from his same ethnic group. The CPI, or combined paternity index, is a calculation that helps us arrive at the probability of paternity.

Some recent studies indicate that 1-in-15 dads are not the real biological father. About 7 percent of men may unknowingly be raising a child whose father is another man. Here's the real news: the truth can become known with a private and affordable paternity test.

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Please click and read this if you are looking to confirm a relationship indicated by an ancestry test

Paternity testing with other items rather than a mouth swab

The most accurate method to obtain a usable DNA sample is to use a buccal swab, which is very similar to a "Q-tip" cotton swab. The swabs are rubbed on the inside cheeks of the mouth for about 15 second per side. It is painless and quick. When it is not possible to obtain a buccal sample voluntarily or if you wish to have DNA paternity testing done in a more private manner, we are often able to test alternative samples, at an additional cost. To learn more about alternative DNA samples, please CLICK HERE.

The results are only provided to the person who orders the test, unless specific written instructions to release the test results to other individuals is provided to us.

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A paternity DNA test may well contain the most important information you will ever have. We guarantee the highest quality testing at the most affordable prices. We process thousands of DNA samples every year for lawyers, physicians, adoption agencies, and private individuals.

The price for our home paternity DNA testing includes our DNA collection kit sent to you by USPS Priority mail, all necessary DNA collection supplies, a prepaid mailer for returning your samples (orders within the USA only), all lab processing fees, and results from our AABB accredited DNA testing lab in as little as one business day. If you do not want a kit sent to you for privacy or other reasons, we also allow the option to make your own kit and will email you a case number and step-by-step instructions for collecting and sending your DNA samples to our lab for processing.

Number Of People Testing Processing Time Cost
Father and One Child 1 Business Day $109
Father, Mother, and One Child 1 Business Day $109
Each Additional Child 1 Business Day $65
Each Additional Father 1 Business Day $85
Non-Standard Sample (each) 1-5 Business Days $125


Don't want a DNA kit sent to your home? Need extra privacy?

You may wish to consider our "Make Your Own DNA Kit" option. 

Using cotton swabs ("Q-tips") you collect your DNA samples. After a review of your order you will be emailed an instruction letter that will contain all the information you need to make your own DNA collection kit at home, your case number, and the mailing address to send your samples to. This is also the recommended option for those who live outside of the USA to save both time and international shipping costs of the kit. To learn more about this option please CLICK HERE.

How long will it take to get my results?

Results are delivered in ONE business day after all samples have arrived at the lab. There is no additional cost for this expedited service. One day DNA results may not be available for alternative samples as extended testing may be necessary depending on the DNA sample submitted.

What if the individuals to be tested live at different addresses?

When individuals to be tested live in different cities, or even different countries, we can "split the kit" and send each component to a different address. Since the kits are individually coded, the samples will still be tested together even if they are sent back separately. If you wish us to send more than one kit for a DNA case, just indicate on the order form that you wish to send to more than one address, and follow the directions on the order form.

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