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Sibling, Grandparent and Avuncular Legal DNA Testing

legal sibling dna test, legal grandparent dna test, legal avunucular dna test, legal sibling test, legal grandparent test, legal avuncular testOur legal DNA tests determine if two or more people are related with statistical probability and specific documentation that is court admissible. We specialize in the following  accredited legal DNA tests performed by our AABB accredited testing partner:

Legal Sibling DNA Testing
Legal Grandparent DNA Testing
Legal Avuncular DNA Tests
Legal Paternity DNA Testing
Legal Maternity DNA Testing

All DNA tests performed for use by a government agency, or in a court case require a specialized collection process, a legal chain of custody for the DNA samples, and testing in an AABB accredited laboratory using the authorized maximum number of DNA genetic markers.

Legal relationship DNA collections

Since 2018 AABB requirements for legal relationship DNA collections require that a legal DNA collection kit cannot be in the control of any person who is having the testing done at any point in the process. AABB testing protocols also state that whoever is performing the mouth swab collection must meet one of the following criteria: have performed DNA collections for at least one year; have received web-based training from the AABB for relationship collections; have been trained either in person or with web based training from a DNA testing laboratory. Licensed physcian’s may also be accepted as DNA collectors.

How will my DNA collection be handled?

We can arrange for the collection of your legal DNA test, or you can choose to have it sent to a physcian of your choosing. If those who need to be tested are in different locations, that is not a problem. We will apply either of these options for all those involved.

A legal relationship DNA test is not difficult to perform. Journey Genetic Testing can send a Legal DNA Collection Kit to an independant third party (such as your doctor’s office, a local lab or hospital of your choosing).  It is not necessary for each person to test at the same time, and people in different locations can have a legal DNA test done at a location close to them, as long as all instructions are followed.

The entire process of a Chain of Custody (legal) DNA collection is described below.

-The sample collection process must be conducted by an unrelated person who does not have an interest in the outcome of the testing). 

-The collector must verify the identity of those whom are testing by confirming legal identification (e.g. driver’s license, birth certificate,  passport, etc.);

-The collector must obtain and submit picture identification of those testing;

-The witness must sign the completed chain-of-custody witness document provided in the kit as a witness to the collection;

-The witness must seal the DNA specimens in the container provided in the kit, sign the security seal, and mail the samples directly to the laboratory for testing.

Journey Genetic Testing will provide a legal collection kit to the closest collection center based on the zip code(s) of those being tested. 

We will provide you the name and location of the collection center when the collection kit is mailed out. We cannot guarantee a collection center in every city, but we do work with a collection network of over 3,500 certified DNA collectors within the USA. Once the collection center has the kit, you will be notified of an appointment time.  

How much does a legal sibling, grandparent, or avuncular DNA test cost?

Number of People Testing Cost
Two siblings (half sibling or full sibling test) $249
Two siblings (half sibling or full sibling test) plus mother $249
Each additional sibling or additional mother $125
One grandparent and one grandchild $249
One grandparent and one grandchild plus mother $249
Each additional child $125
Each additional grandparent $125
One uncle or aunt and one niece or nephew $249
One uncle or aunt and one niece or nephew plus mother $249
Each additional niece or nephew $125
DNA collection fee per person (waived if we send the kit to your physican or lab) $40

Legally admissible and defensible

We make certain all legal DNA results are admissible and defensible in any court of law nationwide. We follow a very strict chain of custody to protect your rights and insure that testing results are court admissible. Our testing is 100% accurate, based on the samples received.

Who needs a legal relationship DNA test?

Listed below are some common legal reasons that our legal sibling, grandparent, or avuncular DNA test may used for:

Birth certificate name changes

Court ordered testing at a lower price and faster results 

Child custody concerns when one parent or both parents are not available or unfit to provide care

IRS requests for proof of dependency often require legal DNA testing

Adoption cases were legal verification of the biological family may be desired

Probate issues and when a will is contested to identification of rightful biological heirs

Other legal reasons as requested or suggested by a legal professional

Who can request a legal DNA test?

While some people can be legally required to take a DNA test, the person requesting the test must either be an attorney or be able to show a suspected biological relationship between those who are being tested. The rules and regulations vary by state. If there are questions, a Journey Genetic Consultant can assist. We cannot however provide specific legal advise or counsel.

Only certain specified persons have legal standing to request a court-ordered relationship test. These include:

-Legally recognized mother or father

-A person alleging that they are the biological parent of the child or expected child

-The child, if they have reached the age of majority, or a minor child’s representative

-Legal guardian or custodian (grandparent, sibling, aunt/uncle)

-An attorney or judge

-Government social services worker

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