Examples of DNA Paternity Test Results 

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Paternity Test Report Example

This paternity test result example shows that the suspected father is the biological father of the child. 

If the laboratory cannot exclude the paternity for an alleged father then a bio-statistical probability calculation is provided. Results for conclusive paternity relationships will show at a 99.99+% or higher probability. 100% probability is not able to be achieved when a man is the father due to mathematical limitations on the probability equation. A 99% is proof that the father/child relationship is scientifically proven. 

When there are two or more genetic markers in the child’s DNA profile which cannot be found in the alleged father’s profile, the suspected father is excluded from being the biological father of this child. T In a paternity test, the alleged father cannot match on less that 22 of the 24 markers or he cannot be the biological parent of the child.

An exclusion will always be 100% accurate. There is no “maybe”. Should we come to this conclusion after our first analyses we repeat the whole test for free with the second sample you have submitted.

Our at home paternity test results will have the same findings as our legally admissible paternity tests, however as no chain of custody has been established they may not be admissible in court.

Home paternity test results are available in one business day after the lab receives all DNA samples. Legal paternity testing results are provided in 1-2 business days.