Support Ticket

Our company policy prohibits the release of any case information or discussion of test results over the phone.

Please note: Our goal is to answer every support ticket within 24 hours, during regular business hours. Our current business hours may be found on our Contact Us page.

If you are a Journey Genetic Testing client (have ordered your test in the last 90 days or have received results in the last 30 days),  and have a question, please complete the Support Form on this page and provide as much detailed information as possible. Telephone calls for support issues to our staff will result in a referral for you to complete a support ticket for questions concerning an open and existing case.

Due to privacy and confidentiality regarding your case, we respond via email only to the person ordering the DNA test (the email included on the support form must match the email provided at the time of the order). We do this to help eliminate unauthorized persons from obtaining information concerning your case. Your privacy is important to us!

You will find this on the bottom of the collection envelopes or on the Make Your Own Kit email (if you chose that option of submitting your samples). If you do not have your case number, please provide the email address that was on the order form.
All information concerning a case will only be provided to the authorized email address associated with the account. This is to ensure privacy and confidentiality to the person ordering the test, and to make certain we are corresponding with the authorized person for the account.