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Paternity testing determines with 100% accuracy if a  man is the biological father of a child.

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Peace-of-Mind Paternity Test

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Paterity Test While Pregnant

Kinship DNA Test


Kinship DNA tests can prove paternity or maternity indirectly with other family members.

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Aunt/Uncle DNA Testing

Grandparent DNA Test

Sibling DNA Test 


Forensic testing is where we compare unique DNA specimens to establsh relationships.

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Alternative DNA Samples

Infidelity DNA Testing

Postmortem DNA Specimens

Twin Zygosity Test - Journey Genetic Testing


These DNA tests are generally not used to verify paternity, but they can verify specific relationships.

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Twin Zygosity Testing

DNA Profile Storage

Tribal Enrollment DNA Tests

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Accurate DNA Testing

Accurate Results

Every DNA test we do is done performed twice. This allows us to “double check” that the results we provide you are 100% accurate. 

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Fast DNA Results

Fast Processing

We provide the fastest processing times on our tests so you can have your results as soon as 1-2 days depending on the test.

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Getting the answers you need should not cost a fortune. We provide cheap DNA tests that are not “cheap.”

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Our Most Often Asked Questions About DNA Testing


In most cases, no. There are times that a legal test is necessary however. While our DNA results are the same for both legal and private at home tests, you may not be able to use the home DNA test result in court. 

Here’s the difference:

Legal DNA Testing

A legal paternity test establishes paternity with court-admissible results, requiring professional specimen collection and a chain of custody.

  1. Legal chain of custody tests require a trained professional to collect the DNA samples. 
  2. Legal chain of custody tests are conducted following strict protocols to ensure the integrity of the samples.
  3. Legal tests involve photo IDs, and a chain of custody for the samples.
  4. Legal tests are more expensive due to professional collection, chain-of-custody, and  legal admissibility.
  5. Legal chain of custody tests are used to establish paternity using a postmortem sample from a Medical Examiner.

Home DNA Test Kits

A home DNA test is a convenient way to determine the biological father or mother of a child using DNA samples collected discreetly at home.

  1. Home DNA test kits allow you to collect your own samples with swabs or cheek cells at home. 
  2. Results from home DNA test kits are not admissible in court because identities cannot be verified.
  3. Home DNA test kits typically do not require consent forms for testing.
  4. Home DNA test kits are generally more affordable due to the simpler collection process and less stringent protocols.
  5. Home DNA test kits  allow you to choose something other than a mouth swab for discreet DNA testing.

Yes. Our Paternity Test results are conclusive and guaranteed to be 100% accurate. 

Here’s how you can tell if a paternity test is concusive.

  • How many markers are tested: DNA testing analyzes a set of genetic markers. Many paternity tests are only 16 markers. In fact, some court-ordered paternity tests may be a few as 13 genenct markers. The more markers tested, the more accurate and conclusive the results. Our testing is 24 markers. The man testing must match on ALL but 2 markers to be the father
  • Quality of Samples: The DNA samples collected need to be of good quality. Our policy is simple – if we start testing and sample isn’t good, we stop and have  the samples recollected. There is no charge for recollection, We want tp make sure both you and us know theses results are right. 
  • Mutations: In rare cases, a genetic mutation can show up. Our laboratory experts can still arrive at a conclusive result, and we will also let you know that a mutation was present. We don’t hide that information from you.,
  • Probability of Paternity: DNA paternity tests provide results in a percentage called the “probability of paternity”. This indicates the likelihood the tested man is the biological father of the child. We not only show you the probability, we will show you how we arrive at that. To see how we determine relationship probability, click on Our Lab.
  • Conclusive Inclusion: A probability of paternity of 99.9% or higher is a conclusive result and means the tested man is the biological father. Do not confuse accuracy with mathemathematical probability. The highest probibility that can be achieved is 99.99%+, which is a 100% accurate finding.
  • Conclusive Exclusion: A probability of paternity of 0% is a conclusive exclusion and means the tested man cannot be the biological father.
  • Inconclusive: Any result between 0% and 99% is considered inconclusive. In a paternity test an inconclusive result should not occur.

Yes. All of our test results are 100% accurate. The reason at home DNA tests are not usually able to be used in court is not due to accuracy, but rather because the identity of those testing has not been verified by an object third party.

Our processing of your DNA specimens undergo the same same standards and strict protocols whether they are or private use or are legally admissible. 

No. A mouth swab, also called a “buccal” swab, is soft and looks like an oversized cotton swab. It is used to collect a sample of cheek cells by gently rubbing the inside of the cheeks. It is as accurate as blood, because a person’s DNA is the same. The process of extracting the DNA from the swab allows the lab to process the DNA specimen quicker. 

Here are a few other reasons we prefer a buccal swab over a blood sample:

  • Contamination: Blood samples have a slightly higher risk of contamination during the collection process. Skin, bacteria from the environment, or even other medical samples in a healthcare setting can potentially mix with the blood. Buccal swabs are generally less prone to external contamination.
  • Blood Transfusions: If the alleged father has received a recent blood transfusion, the blood sample will contain DNA from the donor, leading to inaccurate results. Buccal swabs are unaffected by transfusions.
  • Storage and Handling: If blood samples are not collected, stored, and transported properly, the DNA can degrade over time. Buccal swabs tend to be more resilient, making them easier to handle and less susceptible to degradation.

Testing begins in the laboratory as soon as all DNA specimens have arrived. Each test is done twice to ensure the accuracy of the report. In almost every case we have results delivered in 1-2 business days depending on the particular DNA test.

Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity test results take a little longer than a standard paternity test. We can provide you with an accurate answer in 3-5 business days once we have the DNA samples, providing the mother is at least 7 weeks pregnant,

Yes! Any DNA sample other than a mouth swab is referred to as an Forensic, or Non-Standard, DNA sample. We have to take several additional steps for these type of items, which is called viability testing.  Due to the extended testing we do, the cost will be higher than if standard mouth swabs are used. 

To learn more about this type of testing, just click on Alternative DNA Samples.

Yes! Over 50% of our clients need kits sent to different addresses.

If everyone who is testing ives close to each other, and they can get together to collect their DNA samples (about a 15 minute process), they you will only need one kit. Yiour DNA collection kit(s) will be custom assembled based on what you tell us on your order form. That’s because we know a “one size fits all” doesn’t always work with DNA tests.

If the test participants live in different cities, we can sent kits to each address listed on your order form. The person ordering the test will get tracking numbers for every kit sent. Each kit will be labeled with the same case number, and our laboratory will process your samples once everything arrives at the laboratory.

DNA is determined at the time of  conception and does not change. A DNA paternity test can be performed on a person of any age. A newborn infant can be tested as soon as they are born.

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