DNA Testing

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We are a multi-disciplinary DNA testing company, with an associated AABB accredited laboratory, that is committed to focused and efficient genetic relationship discovery by providing the most accurate direct to consumer DNA testing available.

Journey Genetic Testing – A Targeted Approach To DNA Testing

We understand that DNA testing should not be a one-size-fits-all process. Every person we help on their journey to genetic truth is unique, and the findings we present after testing are often life changing. 

You can be assured that when you choose us to help to discover the truth concerning your questions, that you will find the results based on cutting edge science and technology. This technology allows us to delivery results in almost every case in just one business day from when all DNA samples arrive at the lab.

Journey Genetic Testing is:

Research Led – Our testing uses the highest number of markers that are possible in our associated AABB accredited testing laboratory. As research brings new technology to the forefront, we are early adapters to ensure the most accurate results available in direct to consumer testing.

Data Driven – The standard amount of genetic material that is usually performed for direct relationship testing is not sufficient for the strongest results. We utilize  a full 24 genetic markers. Your results will reflect findings that are almost 1,000 times stronger than the industry standard. 

Results Oriented – The process of arriving at the results we present are the same for our legal and home tests, to ensure you can rely fully on the findings. Our results are 100% accurate as presented, as they are based on the genetic profiles of those tested. Written in easy to understand language, we also provide a booklet to assist you in understanding your results.

Please select the test below to learn if it is the right choice for your circumstances

home paternity test

Determines if a man is the biological father of a child

sibling dna testing

Full or half sibling testing options

grandparent dna test, paternity test with grandparent

Helps determine if a child is related to a grandparent

aunt uncle dna test, paternity test with an uncle, avuncular dna test

Helps determine is a aunt or uncle is related to a child

identical twin test, twin zygosity test

Determines if two siblings are identical twins

y-str test, y-chromosome test, dna test between two males

Determines if two or more males come from the same paternal line

maternity test, maternity dna test, mother child test

Determines if a woman is the biological mother of a child

prenatal paternity test NIPP