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Discover The Truth With Low-Cost DNA Testing

Why We Offer Affordable DNA Services

Journey Genetic Testing specializes in low-cost DNA services. Several times a day, we are asked,”Why are your prices so low?” and “If other companies charge so much more, can you be a legitimate company?

Truth That Is Affordable

Since 2011, Journey Genetic Testing has assisted individuals with genetic testing. With a track record of serving over 35,000 people, our aim is to deliver 100% accurate results through budget-friendly DNA tests. We believe that seeking truth shouldn’t be a financial burden. Our clients often come to us through referrals from satisfied customers who appreciate our approach. You can explore genuine feedback from our customers by clicking on CUSTOMER REVIEWS.

How We Do Business

You will find that we do business differently than most other DNA companies. Many of the companies that are just re-sellers on websites like Amazon or Walmart and E-Bay. Some companies try to re-package DNA tests and sell them through Walgreens, CVS, and Rite Aid. We don’t do that. We have chosen instead to focus on provide low-cot DNA testing that is guaranteed to be 100% accurate. Furthermore, we don’t do fancy packaging where most of what you are buying is a box. We don’t spend thousands of dollars each week on Google advertising, which raises your cost.

Low-Cost DNA Testing Doesn’t Mean We Sacrifice Quality

Did you know that many of our “competitors” provide DNA testing that only examine 16-21genetic markers. They do not hold AABB accreditation, and use testing facilities outside the U.S.A. without any protection for your personal information?

Our DNA lab is famous, skilled, and relied upon for paternity and family relationship tests in the United States. Our AABB accredited lab handles about 75% of DNA paternity/maternity and relationship tests (sibling, grandparent, avuncular, twin zygosity, genetic reconstruction, and Y-chromosome) in the U.S.A. Famous figures like Maury Povich and shows like Paternity Court trust our lab for DNA results.

Our Corporate Partnership Compared To A DNA “Re-seller”

Through a corporate partnership, we’ve teamed up with our lab to offer direct-to-consumer low-cost DNA services. This means we can give you the same high-quality DNA analysis at a lower cost. Our skilled staff and online options ensure quality. Our testing covers 24 genetic markers initially, with an option to upgrade to 46 markers for more accurate results. Results are quick: one business day for paternity, maternity, and twin zygosity, and just two days for sibling, grandparent, and avuncular tests. Our low prices are possible thanks to our lab partnership.

Low-Cost DNA Payment Options

We know many folks are facing higher costs nowadays. Our clients often have limited money, and that’s why we have lower prices. We offer no-interest payments through Affirm too. To learn more, click PAYMENT OPTIONS. Our goal is accurate testing that’s affordable without sacrificing quality.

We prefer making less profit on more tests to help more people. Our mission is to help you find truth. Our pricing is clear on our website. Unlike some companies, we’re open about who we are, where we are, and how much we charge.

Don’t worry! Our DNA tests happen only in the U.S. You won’t need to think about us sending your samples anywhere else. You’ll send them directly to us, and we’ll keep you updated on the progress. Whether it’s for home or court, trust our precise results. We’re committed to doing things the same way every time to make sure our services are high quality.

If you have questions, just ask us. We’re here to help you with low-cost DNA tests, super modern tools, and the latest technology. We pass all the savings on to you!