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Paternity Testing While Pregnant

DNA Testing While You Are Pregnant

Once you know you are pregnant, a prenatal paternity test can quickly provide you with answers. You can do the test as soon as the 7th week of you pregnancy. This will allow you to quickly confirm who the father is.

Why A DNA Test Before The Child Is Born Is Important

  • One of the most important reasons is to gain legal and social advantages, like social security, veteran’s, and inheritance benefits.
  • Establishing who the father is benefits children and parents alike. It secures the child’s future and ensures fair responsibilities for child support and custody with the real dad.
  • It gives the child a detailed medical history. This helps doctors diagnose and manage their health better and managing their health.
  • It brings biological individuals, like a father and child, closer together.

Your Prenatal Paternity Test Choices

  1. Non-Invasive Test (NIPP): The safest way to establish paternity. Our advanced technology examines the baby’s DNA in the mother’s blood. Just provide blood samples from both the mother and alleged father. Results, certified by our AABB parent lab, are available after the 7th week of pregnancy.
  2. Chorionic Villus Sampling (CVS): Your doctor can use a thin catheter, guided by ultrasound, to gather chorionic villi tissue from the placenta. This test is available with your doctor’s permission. It’s usually done during the 10th to 13th week of pregnancy.
  3. Amniocentesis: Doctors use a needle to collect amniotic fluid, which contains DNA. Frequently conducted between the 14th and 20th week of pregnancy. It’s important to discuss any risks with your doctor.

Please click on the prenatal paternity test of your choice shown below to learn which test is right for you. Choose wisely for accurate results that matter. Don’t forget, accurate paternity information has legal, medical, and emotional significance for your child’s future.

Often Asked Questions About DNA Testing While Pregnant

How Accurate Is Your Prenatal Paternity DNA Test?

Our lab holds accreditation from both AABB and ISO 17025 for conducting prenatal paternity testing. Journey Genetic Testing’s NIPP test is the only test accredited by AABB.

We assure the delivery of 100% accurate results to you.

In a very limited number of NIPP testing cases, an indisputable result might not be attainable due to the absence of fetal free-floating DNA. In those cases we will provide you an additional test kit after two weeks (after the mother is at least nine weeks into the pregnancy). This means you will need to acquire other blood samples from a medical professional.

How Soon Can I Take A Prenatal Paternity Test?

Our non-invasive (NIPP) testing can done as early as 7 weeks into your pregnancy.

Is It Possible To Perform Your Prenatal Paternity Test After Fertility Treatments?

Yes! This testing is a great option for expectant parents who have become pregnant after undergoing fertility treatment.

There are an increasing numbers of babies born as a result of in vitro fertilization (IVF) or surrogacy. Our DNA testing will give you confirmation and peace of mind as to the biological identity of an unborn child’s father.

Although infrequent, we’ve observed a slight risk of using the incorrect sperm sample during the fertilization process at clinics or hospitals. When this does happen, the sperm donor may not be the biological father of the child.

Our prenatal paternity test can identify the father before the baby is born, providing assurance and accuracy.

Can I Use A Discreet Sample For the Possible Father?

In most cases, yes.

Discreet samples are items like nail clippings, cigarette butts, ear swabs, nasal mucus, blood card/blood stain on fabric only. We are not able to accept a toothbrush for a non-standard sample on prenatal testing. There is an additional cost per item, as a viability test must be performed prior to standard prenatal paternity testing.

For non-invasive testing, the discreet sample will need to undergo viability testing prior to having the mother’s blood draw and sent to our lab. If the sample is viable, then the testing can proceed.

If you have questions on non-standard samples for these tests, please call us at 1-855-362-5224, or email us at

Can I Test More Than One Possible Father?

Yes. If you would like to test more than one potential father, you can select this option when placing your order (there will be an additional charge).

How Long Will It Take To Get My Prenatal Paternity Kit?

We process online orders on the same business day upon receipt. We use USPS Priority to ship all kits, and they typically arrive within 2-3 days at addresses in the United States.

When And How Will I Get My Results?

As soon as our lab has received all DNA samples for your case, testing begins at our accredited laboratory. You will receive your results by email in 3-7 business days, depending on the test you ordered, after we have received your specimens.