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AABB Approved  – 100% Accurate  

What is included:

An AABB accredited prenatal paternity DNA test that examines over 3,400 sections of DNA (SNP’s), USPS Priority shipping of a Journey Genetic Testing DNA prenatal collection kit, detailed collection instructions, a FedEx prepaid overnight return mailer for your DNA samples (USA addresses only), all lab processing fees, and results from our AABB accredited testing laboratory.

Who is included:

One mother and one suspected father to test fetal DNA to determine paternity while pregnant.

When you will receive it:

USPS Priority mail usually arrives within the USA in 1-3 business days, depending on your location.

When your results will be ready: 

5 7 business days after the lab receives all of the DNA samples. Expedited 3 business day results are available at an additonal charge as shown on the order form.






You don’t need to wait until childbirth to learn the truth.

Our advanced Noninvasive Prenatal Paternity Testing (NIPP) will identify the father of a child as soon as 8 weeks into pregnancy with the highest degree of accuracy. Eight (8) weeks is the earliest to ensure enough fetal DNA is floating in your blood sample to get an accurate result. Don’t be misled by advertising that promises accurate results if you are between 4 – 7 weeks pregant. Science doesn’t support enough genetic material from the fetus to be able to tell who the father is.

Our procedure is 100% safe, noninvasive, and guaranteed accurate. It’s the most reliable and advanced prenatal paternity test available, using trace DNA extraction techniques to screen for fetal DNA in the mother’s bloodstream. It’s safer and easier than old, more invasive techniques such as amniocentesis.

  • Accuracy Guaranteed – Every test is run twice before releasing the results so you know they are accurate everytime.
  • Noninvasive – 100% safe for mother and baby with no added risks to the pregnacy. 
  • Testing Laboratory in the USA – There is always a risk when sending DNA samples outside of a regulated USA laboratory as there is no guarantee as to the testing regulations in place. We strongly recommend that you ask exactly where your DNA is being tested. 
  •  AABB Acredited Testing Lab – This accreditation is the most important criteria when selecting a DNA laboratory. Our partner lab is AABB accredited.
  • No Hidden Costs – Everything is fully disclosed prior to ordering. Don’t be caught by surprise for extra fees for providing you results.

Prenatal Paternity FAQ’s

DNA testing to determine paternity is very accurate. Our labs run all DNA tests twice to confirm results, and potential fathers can be excluded (not the father) with 100% certainty, or confirmed to be the father with greater than 99% certainty.

Unlike prenatal DNA testing that uses amniocentesis to get cells directly from the womb, this type of paternity test examines the DNA taken from the mother’s bloodstream.  Non-invasive prenatal paternity testing is 100% safe and never poses any risk to the fetus or the mother.

You will see prices vary from $800 to $2,400. The low-priced tests come from labs that are not AABB accredited, and  that do not have published research validating their methodology. Without this level of accountability and transparency, you cannot be certain of the accuracy of the test.  Frequently, these low-priced providers have to offer a follow-up paternity test after the birth of the baby to limit their liability when they are wrong. 

In order to be entirely safe and noninvasive, our prenatal testing uses complex technology that makes it more expensive than standard paternity testing, though still more affordable and safer than alternative techniques. We disclose all of the costs on this page. There should never be a surprise because there are no additonal hidden costs!

We maintain your privacy every step of the way. All results and information are deleted from our system 30 days after the results are delivered to you (we keep the reports for 30 days in case you have any questions). We never sell or give your information to anyone, including government and private/public databases. No one will ever know this test was done unless you provide them the information.

Do your research or ask your OB/GYN, and always make sure your testing is being done directly with a reputable laboratory. The laboratory should have multiple accreditations, especially AABB accreditation. In addition, the prenatal test itself should be AABB-accredited. Our partner lab offers the first and only prenatal paternity DNA paternity test that maintains the strict AABB standards of accountability for prenatal DNA paternity testing, including analysis, PhD review, and documentation. 

While we partner with our AABB accredited lab, we are able to offer direct to consumer pricing at a lower cost than dealing directly with the lab, due to the volume of tests we do each year, as well as lower over costs which allow us to pass the saving to our clients.

The top answer that women tell us they have taken the test is for their peace of mind. Stress is one of the risk factors when pregnant. Not knowing who the father is contributes unnecessary stress on mother and baby, leading to potential complications. Knowing ahead of time has many other benefits too including strengthening the bond between father and child, providing a medical history for your baby, and establishing legal rights. Many states require the father’s name on the birth certificate.


Understanding How Prenatal Paternity Testing Works

During pregnancy, an expecting mother shares everything with the fetus, including trace amounts of DNA. As nutrients and oxygen are exchanged from the mother to the child across the placenta, small amounts of fetal DNA travel the other way to circulate in the mother’s bloodstream.

By using advanced DNA isolation techniques, our labs analyze that trace DNA, and compare it to a DNA sample (mouth swab) from a potential father. Unlike amniocentesis or other methods of prenatal DNA sampling, this noninvasive procedure poses no risk of complication or miscarriage, because the blood sample is taken from the mother’s arm. 

Contact us today to ask any questions you have, or order your Noninvasive Prenatal Paternity Test on our website in total privacy.


Prenatal Non-Invasive Paternity Test (NIPP) – $1,175

This includes RUSH shipping of the collection kit to either you or the person/clinic/health care professional of your choice, overnight shipping of the DNA samples to our laboratory, all lab processing fees, and delivery of the test results in 5-7 business days. The cost of the blood draw and mouth swab, if any, is the responsibility of the person having the testing performed.